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The Culture of the Heart is an age 5–11 teaching resource that invests in children's mental and emotional health. It encourages emotional intelligence, empathy, an understanding of good character and invests in creating healthy belief systems and values, that all contribute to a safe and inspiring learning culture.


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“It has helped my class develop stronger relationships,

build self-esteem and calmly tackle subjects that are emotive.”


Leanne Roberts, Year 5 Teacher.

Culture of the Heart Teaching Resource

What will a Culture of the Heart school receive?

1. Teaching Resources 

A range of lesson plans and activities are provided for each of the twelve Cultures, that help children engage on a social and emotional level, affirming the value of each child and the value of being part of a community. Each lesson has been designed to help children engage with healthy beliefs about themselves, others and the communities they are part of.

Delightfully presented in a large hardback book with engaging and easy to use lesson plans. There are over100 lesson plans and over 200 printable PDF downloads. Alongside each lesson plan there are research notes written by Dr Alison Stephens. All lessons fit easily into your existing curriculum objectives. We have aimed to make the lessons really accessible, so all you need to do is read, print and teach.

Hard back resource book, with the first years foundation content of 7 cultures. This content runs across the whole school for one academic year, giving a whole school foundation on which to build with the following five cultures.

Memory key with over 200 beautifully designed downloads for you to use with the children. All downloads use the characters 'Pip' and 'Cat' from the picture books.

2. EQ Training Tools

Teachers are on the front line of community and are often the first to be aware of more serious social issues. The content within the resource give staff straightforward and practical tools to help enable children to communicate complex emotional needs, aiding the feeling of safety within classroom communities.

Our aim is to help you, help children become relationally connected and responsible members of their communities. As we enable children to understand their own emotions, we help them become more self aware and able to communicate. The new vocabulary the children learn will also impact the way they communicate in their literacy and impacts all areas of life. Teaching children how to recognise and understanding their feelings - offering healthy ways to react to big emotions, is a very necessary part of education.


These cards have been made to help children understand and communicate their inner worlds - their thoughts and emotions.

The front of each card illustrates an emotion using the characters from the picture books, together with some associated words. On the back of each card, there are suggestions of how to help communicate and deal with strong emotions.


The cards have been created to use with a number of classroom activities.

The activities introduce families to each of the seven different cultures within the first year of running the resource through your school. They carry a deliberately quirky, simple and practical idea to be used at home, (one per term). The hope is so the whole school community can engage practically with the cultures the children are exploring.


Each activity is available to download and either print from the pack’s memory key or put on your school’s digital platform.

3. Picture Books

The resource has been built around the beautiful picture books, 'Words and Your Heart' and 'You' ('Wonderful You' in the USA) . The school will receive the extended schools versions. These books are available as part of the resource, but have also been published internationally by Macmillan (USA) and Simon & Schuster, Bruno Editorial & Scholastic (RotW). Kate's illustrations and designs are used throughout the whole resource, in all the Pdf's bringing a consistency and delight to each lesson, making the SEL learning cohesive and fun.

Words and Your Heart &

Wonderful You Picture books

(Schools edition)

Large hardback edition.

Perfect for sharing with a class.

4. Academic year planner

You will receive an academic year planner for each year group, so all your team know exactly where to find every resource, and what to do for each year group. Alongside this, staff members can sign up for emails, that will give extra new content, inspirational quotes for the classroom and notes of personal encouragement.

Staff Training and Wellbeing

We REALLY value your staff and in these uncertain times recognise that your teams wellbeing is a priority, so we are partnering with Mindfit Cornwall to offer staff wellbeing training - encouraging staff teams to look after themselves and each other in practical ways. We will also deliver training on the content of The Culture of the Heart and creating healthy relational classrooms. Please do get in touch for additional information about these wellbeing and training packages.

Culture of the Heart Teaching Resource
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Culture of the Heart Teaching Resource


This is a fantastic resource that encourages inclusivity, kindness and compassion. It could be adapted and rolled out across both the education and healthcare sector, with massive benefits to society.

Professor Ian Fussell BMedSci(Hons) BMBS MRCGP PGCE SFHEA

Associate Dean of Education, College of Medicine and Health, University of Exeter 

“As a teacher, I have used many programs, resources and online training to cover the PHSE part of the curriculum and nothing has come close to providing the coverage or quality of this resource.”

I have been using The Culture of the Heart for nearly two years and it has changed both the way I teach and the way in which my class interacts with others. It has created a kind and supportive environment with calm and well-rounded children (and staff). We were lucky enough to be in the pilot scheme where I used it with my own year class. The children were an average mix of abilities and social backgrounds with SEN needs as well. 

At the end of just one term my classroom had changed. Children were calmer, more settled and kinder to each other and, according to the children, I also changed for the better being happier and calm almost all of the time. It created a safe place where children were able to be themselves, without judgement, and explore their feelings and thoughts. For some children, it was their only safe space and I would regularly be asked “When is it time for our kind words?” (which was their name for one of the exercises).

As a result of the success in my own class, we then rolled it out across the school for what turned out to be a very short and stressful academic year, for both staff and children. In the current climate of Covid-19 we continued to look after key worker and vulnerable children and this resource has provided us with unrivalled support for scared and lonely children who have found the varied activities and resources as a welcome distraction from what is going on around them. It has also given them a place where we can support their mental and emotional well-being whilst also helping them to become kind and thoughtful members of society.

Mrs Vigurs-Berry, Year 1&2 (teaching 1998 - present)

The Culture of the Heart provides a beautifully designed map that aims to give children a greater sense of self-esteem, an increased level of personal confidence, resilience and the skills to be able to navigate through their lives. I believe that The Culture of the Heart resource provides these vital aspects of education and a great deal more besides. 

Ann Rogers

Therapeutic Counsellor, EQ Assessor & Practitioner

Culture of the Heart Teaching Resource


Our story

The Culture of the Heart Teaching Resource is a work of belief, passion and faith. The team has joined around a shared vision to help children thrive in their education by creating relationally safe learning communities.


With the rise of mental health issues in children, now more than ever, we need to invest in teaching children how to understand thier emotions and how to build healthy, boundaried and honest relationships.


We have created a resource that helps to empower staff and children, by using proven neuroscience, coaching and counselling techniques, helping you develop healthy relational classrooms communities.


The resource has been developed and refined over a period of five years and has been successfully trialled in a wide range of primary school communities. The first seven cultures are now available internationally, and in – response to positive feedback, five additional cultures are being developed for 2021.

Our vision

To help create emotionally and relationally safe classroom communities where children can thrive in their learning.

Our desire is to help children become emotionally intelligent, helping them understand their own value and worth, while seeing themselves as a part of a larger whole and the value of community.


Our vision is to empower and serve you really well by giving you a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource that is fun, beautiful, engaging, creative,

and of course educational.

Meet the team

Kate Jane Neal

BA (Hons) PG Dip. 

Published Author & Illustrator

Danielle Towe

BA Ed. (Hons)

SLE, Writing Moderator

Dr. Alison Stephens 

BSc (Hons) DClinPsych CPsychol

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Margaret Elizabeth


Speech & Language Pathology and Therapeutics