• 2 x Culture of the Heart teaching resource book  - First 7 Cultures (160pgs).
  • 2 x 'Words and Your Heart' picture book (Extended 48pg Schools edition).
  • 2 x 'You' picture book.
  • USB key with 100+ PDF lesson plans & resources.
  • Emotion Cards (x3 packs).


The Culture of The Heart schools Resource (for children aged 7-11). You recieve the first 7 cultures, giving you a year-long set of Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson plans. The material has been developed over 5 years and has been successfully trialled in UK Primary Schools, and a number of Independent and Home Schools. 


The aim of the resource is to encourage healthy relational connection within the classroom, beginnning with a child's own self-worth. The initial trials evidenced a significant shift in the culture of many classrooms and individual pupils – developing stronger relationships, emotional intellegence and building self-esteem. 

Culture of the Heart Schools Resource - Medium School (100-250 pupils)

  • The resource is structured around twelve relational 'cultures', this package gives you the first seven 'cultures' - one years contnet.  Each culture is designed to allow children to explore the building blocks of healthy self-worth and value of community. Each culture contains a number of clearly written lesson plans, supported by digital resources and downloads allowing teaching staff to adapt and deliver the material in and around their existing curriculums. Every lesson is underpinned by both practical guidance on the delivery itself and psychological research that grounds the learning in healthy, proven principles.

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