"Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to use."

"Possibly the best online schools resource that I have used ."  


Schools receive 

• Private digital platform 
• Staff training videos
• Illustrated worksheets & downloads
• Picture books
• Reading & Wellbeing Journals 

• Character Cards 
• Emotion Cards
• Coaching tools and activities that develop emotional intelligence 
• Weekly email support with new resources and current research
• Posters 

Picture books

 ‘Words and Your Heart’ , ‘Wonderful You’  and ‘Powerful You’. All of the resources use the characters from these books and have been illustrated by Kate Jane Neal. 
Published by Simon & Schuster and Macmillan (USA).  

Digital Platform

Online platform hosting lesson plans and classroom activities. Every lesson plan includes a short training video, supporting staff to understand and deliver the lessons with confidence

The resource is available as an App for phones or tablets.

Character cards

Over 60 character cards with coaching activations that develop vocabulary and understanding of some of the characteristics that support healthy relationships.


Reading and wellbeing journals 

Illustrated reading journals that encourage the habit of reading five times a week and the love of books. The journals also develop healthy mental and emotional practices. 

Video Poster Image

Tools to develop emotional intelligence

Hands-on practical tools: Emotion cards, Beliefs/Emotions (BE) Wheel, Gratitude Spiral, EQ butterfly and so much more.


Families activities

Family is the most influential community of a child's life. CotH intentionally invests in activities that encourages the SEL learning to be supported within the home. 

Image is of our families advent calendar activity.

CPD resources

Staff training and team coaching activations that support the wellbeing of your staff team and develop communication around personal values and school culture.

"As a teacher, I have used many programs, resources and online training to cover the social and emotional part of the curriculum and nothing has come close to providing the coverage or quality of this resource.

I have been using the Culture of the Heart for nearly three years and it has changed both the way I teach and the way in which my class interacts with others’. It creates a kind and supportive environment with calm and well-rounded children and staff. We were lucky enough to be in the pilot scheme where I used it with my own year class. The children were an average mix of abilities and social backgrounds with SEN needs as well. 

At the end of just one term my classroom had changed. Children were calmer, more settled and kinder to each other and, according to the children, I also changed for the better being happier and calm almost all of the time! It created a safe place where children were able to be themselves, without judgement, and explore their feelings and thoughts.

I have now integrated The Culture of the Heart into my classroom practice."

Vickie Vigurs-Berry  |  Bosvigo Primary School  |  (Teaching for over twenty years)

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