Physical & digital material to support and enhance your learning.

The initial content is built around seven themes or CULTURES. These build as an exploration across the year and create a body learning in-and-around the positive values we hold as communities.

Each Culture includes child-led lesson plans and downloads, activities and emotional intelligence (EQ) tools for the classroom. These encourage the children to connect and explore their own thoughts, emotions and values.

Video training and coaching exercises support staff across each Culture, building an understanding of the neuroscience underpinning the work and of the relational & psychological implications.

Digital Platform

Supporting staff to understand and deliver the lessons with confidence. The resources are available on desktop or as an App for phones and tablets.

Seven Cultures

Each Culture includes a host of lesson plans, illustrated worksheets, downloads, video training, activities and assemblies.

Developing connection

The content has been designed to integrate naturally and easily into your existing curriculum, encouraging relational cohesion in your classroom.

Character Cards

Our character cards are one of the central resources you receive as a School. Versatile and cross curricular, they help children build new vocabulary.

EQ tools

Powerful, practical and easy-to-use tools & activites that can be used across your whole class, in small groups or in one-to-one settings.

Picture Books

Culture of the Heart uses Words and Your Heart, Wonderful YouPowerful You.
(Published by Macmillan, USA)

Family activities

Each Culture builds content and activites for the wider community. Our Family Activities take the learning from School and develops it at home.

Staff Training

We support the wellbeing of your staff team and develop communication around personal values and how these influence your school culture.

Reading Journals

Working alongside the Family Activities, our journals have been developed to encourage reading and healthy mental practices.

Support for Culture of the Heart

“As a teacher, I have used many programs, resources and online training to cover the social and emotional part of the curriculum. Nothing has come close to providing the coverage or quality of this resource…”

“…I have been using the Culture of the Heart for nearly three years and it has changed both the way I teach and the way in which my class interacts with others. It creates a kind and supportive environment with calm, well-rounded children and staff. We were lucky enough to be in the pilot scheme where I used it with my own year class. The children were an average mix of abilities and social backgrounds, including SEN. 

‚ÄčAt the end of just one term my classroom had changed. Children were calmer, more settled and kinder to each other and (according to the children) I also changed for the better – being happier and calm almost all of the time! It created a safe place where children were able to be themselves, without judgement, and explore their feelings and thoughts.

The Culture of the Heart is now part of my whole classroom practice…"

Vickie Vigurs-Berry | Bosvigo Primary School, Cornwall UK.
Primary Teacher for over twenty five years

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