Every Culture of the Heart school receives a bundle of exciting new physical resources.  

Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to use, children and staff alike love the resources.
(Training to use these resources can be found on the digital platform).

On-line training portal

An easy-to-access and use online portal hosting lesson plans, classroom activities, staff training videos and additional material. Each member of staff has their own unique login. It is as easy as watch, click, download and go. Staff can also engage with the platform as an App for phones or tablets.

The platform includes a private staff messages where you can ask questions, connect with other CotH schools, share feedback and stories. The Culture of the Heart is a team program – a journey, an adventure. We want you to feel empowered, safe, supported and championed. 


Character cards

60 illustrated character cards created to develop vocabulary and understanding of some of the characteristics that support healthy relationships.

Character cards develop language, understanding and are used across every Culture, with activations that support children to understand their own positive identity and the characteristics that support healthy relationships. Developing vocabulary and increasing a child’s understanding of the character attributes that they carry, these  cards are a highly adaptable and beautiful way to introduce children to the fact that every child holds the capacity to be ALL of these character words. One of the most empowering and encouraging things that we can do as educators is to champion and believe the best of a child, sometimes despite their behaviour. 

Every Culture holds a number of practical examples of how to use these with your children.


Reading and gratitude journals 

Beautifully illustrated CotH journals covering each term.

A twist on the recognised reading journals, these have been designed to encourage daily reading whilst building healthy mental habits. The journals run alongside the CotH content with activities and quotes. They bridge the gap between home and school by helping  families understand and embrace the SEL learning that their children are experiencing within school. 

These have become a powerful tool within the resources as they unite teachers, children and families.

Picture books

Full colour, hard-back books, perfect for sharing with a class.

Picture books provide a safe, non-threatening foundation for children to begin to explore thoughts around self and others. The material in this resource works alongside ‘Words and Your Heart’ and ‘Wonderful You’ published by Simon & Schuster and Wild Goose-Media (UK) and Macmillan (USA).

A new picture book, Your Yes and Your No’ published Wild Goose-Media (UK) and Macmillan (USA) will be included in future cultures (due Sept 2023) exploring healthy boundaries.

Video Poster Image

Tools to develop emotional intelligence

Illustrated cards that describe our different emotions, Beliefs/Emotions (BE) poster, Gratitude Spiral, EQ butterfly and so much more.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to integrate our feelings and our thinking to make the best decisions for ourselves and others. These tools have been developed to use in various ways, depending on the age and needs of your class. 

Over the first year, we gently introduce staff to EQ activities and support learning on how EQ supports the development of healthy learning communities. This material will also be used in future cultures as the resource continues to grow (Sept 2023).


Families activities

Activities that encourages the SEL learning to be supported within the home. The attached video is for our families advent calender activity.

These activities have been designed to embed the SEL that the children are experiencing in school, within the home. Each activity runs alongside the culture the children are using and aims to give families something fun that supports building healthy relationships within family and community. The photograph is of our ‘affirmations advent calendar’ which can be sent home with every child at the end of the first term. Families are encouraged to write words of kindness for one another, or enjoy a moment of connection everyday over advent. 

CPD resources

Every term there are two staff coaching sessions, supporting your team and school culture.

The way our relationships work within our staff teams affects every area of our wellbeing, so we offer team building activities that enable staff to connect with each other and their own values.

We suggest these are run by the headteacher.

As a teacher, I have used many programs, resources and online training to cover the social and emotional part of the curriculum and nothing has come close to providing the coverage or quality of this resource.

I have been using the Culture of the Heart for nearly two years and it has changed both the way I teach and the way in which my class interacts with others’. It has created a kind and supportive environment with calm and well-rounded children and staff. We were lucky enough to be in the pilot scheme where I used it with my own year class. The children were an average mix of abilities and social backgrounds with SEN needs as well. 

‚ÄčAt the end of just one term my classroom had changed. Children were calmer, more settled and kinder to each other and, according to the children, I also changed for the better being happier and calm almost all of the time! It created a safe place where children were able to be themselves, without judgement, and explore their feelings and thoughts.

Vickie Vigurs-Berry  |  Bosvigo Primary School  |  Year 2

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