Supporting social and emotional wellbeing

The Culture of the Heart is a wellbeing resource for primary schools. It teaches children the value of good character, how to understand emotions, develop good mental habits and explores the building blocks of healthy relationships.


How does the Culture of the Heart serve schools?

Supports character development and emotional intelligence.

Child-led activities help children to understand the characteristics that build safe relationships and communities. The Culture of the Heart empowers staff with lesson plans and resources that build character,  emotional intelligence and supports the creation of healthy mental habits. Used long-term, it increases children's vocabulary and impacts the whole curriculum.

Invests in the wellbeing and training of the staff team.

 This resource supports the staff team and invests in the constant growth of a healthy school culture. It includes training, using the research that has supported the development of the content. The way our relationships work within our communities affects every area of our wellbeing, so we offer team building activities that enable staff to connect with each other and their own values.   

Helps to bridge the gap between schools and families.

 The Culture of the Heart  materials extend beyond the classroom and actively involve a child’s family. Families are the most significant influence on a child and are the foundation of childhood development.  The resources encourage communication and connection within the home and between the school and its families.  

What does a Culture of the Heart school receive?

• Lesson plans and PDFs 
• Tools to build emotional intelligence
• Resources that build healthy mental habits
• Character cards
• Emotion cards
• Picture books
• Posters
• Family activities including a special affirmations advent calendar
• Academic calendars for staff
... and so much more!

Recognising that the ‘why’ is sometimes as important as the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, the resource includes short training videos for each section, lesson and activity. They aim to help staff understand the practical emotional intelligence techniques, neuroscience and research that has informed the content. This enables staff to understand and deliver the lessons with confidence within their unique context. The resource acts as a creative spring board for the needs of each classroom.

The Culture of the Heart staff support community is a private online platform.

It can be used for staff to ask questions or reach out for extra support. It can also be used to share ideas, celebrate good experiences and connect with colleagues.

Celebrating good experiences and ideas is good for staff as well as children.

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"This is a fantastic resource that encourages inclusivity, kindness and compassion. It could be adapted and rolled out across both the education and healthcare sector, with massive benefits to society."

Professor Ian Fussell
BMedSci(Hons) BMBS MRCGP PGCE SFHEA Associate Dean of Education, College of Medicine and Health, University of Exeter

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