The Culture of the Heart is a child-led scheme of work that gently and creatively helps children connect with their own and shared values, whilst building healthy mental, emotional and relational habits.

The content has been designed around leading neuroscience, psychology and EQ, integrating coaching and therapeutic techniques that empower children to connect to their own thoughts and beliefs to help create values centred classrooms. Teachers who have used the content have seen significant behavioural change in their classrooms, in the playground and parents have commented on the difference of their children at home.   

The lesson plans are inclusive and easily adaptable for all age groups and abilities. It incorporates relational, emotional and social learning with academic and creative disciplines, resulting in independent thinking and team work. The foundation year offers seven cultures (or themes), exploring a new culture every six weeks.

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What will a school receive? 

Every teacher will receive access to an online portal where they will find lesson plans, resources, EQ tools, downloads and access to video training and team coaching.  Your school will also have the opprtunity to purchase picture books, Character Cards, Emotion Cards, posters and the option to use our CotH Reading & Well-being Journals. 


Online Schools Platform

Lesson plans, illustrated worksheets, downloads, video training, activities and assemblies. 

Staff Training

Five minute video training sessions that support staff to understand and deliver the lessons with confidence. 

Team Coaching Activities

Team coaching activities that support your team to connect with their own values and each other.  

Picture Books

All content, downloads and worksheets are beautifully illustrated, using themes and characters from the picture books.  

Character Cards

Versatile and cross curricular, the Character Cards help children build new vocabulary and an understanding of healthy relationships.

Tools to develop EQ

Practical and easy-to-use tools & activities that can be used across your whole class, in small groups or in one-to-one settings.

Reading & Well-being Journals

Bridging the gap between home and school, our journals have been developed to encourage reading and healthy mental and emotional practices.

Creative Learning 

Fun and child-led lesson plans, activities and teaching tools, based in neuroscience and healthy emotional and relational practice.

Family Activities

Each Culture builds content and activities for home and the wider community. This is the affirmations advent calendar in use.

The Culture of the Heart is not a single intervention but is a commitment over time to explore and develop strong and healthy values that impact whole communities. The lessons have been designed to support RSE/ PSHE curriculum, easily fitting into current academic planning. 

Across the year, the content introduces practical and creative exercises that encourage children to explore the kinds of characteristics and behaviours that create safe, respectful and kind communities.

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