The Research Journey

“If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it”   Johan Huizinga

I am so grateful to incredible people who have shared their knowledge and expertise in books, lectures and podcasts. Their work has supported the development of The Culture of the Heart. The images show just a few of the books that have informed the journey - there are many more! I would love to be able to sit down for a cuppa and a really good chat with all the people who have informed the learning. You will see references to their work throughout the resource.

When I observed bullying in a primary school, I wondered 'Why do children bully?' This led to a creative response in the writing and illustration of the picture book Words and Your Heart and a journey of learning.

 I explored research into childhood development, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, psychology, counselling techniques and the empowerment of healthy belief systems around self and others. Realising the significance of the culture of schools resulted in creating of The Culture of the Heart.

Relevant research is referenced in each of the cultures, helping staff understand the science and psychology - the 'why, what and how' to every lesson plan and activity.

Learning and curiosity are natural parts of growth. When we feel safe and connected, learning is a joy. The Culture of the Heart supports the development of healthy learning cultures within classrooms and schools by enabling the children to feel safe, connected and valued. 

Information about the research can be found on the online platform, including:

Research and Books

Short training videos and additional information, including a reading list, giving some of the psychology and neuroscience research that has informed the content.

Podcasts and TED Talks

Links to podcasts and TED talks.

Quotes and Posters

Illustrated quotes linked to each culture that can be used as posters in the classroom or to share on digital platforms with the families you serve.

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