The Culture of the Heart transforms scientific knowledge into practical and powerful resources for teachers to use with children.

We place a very high value on keeping up to date with current research.

Current neuroscience and somatic's inform all of our resources. Relevant research is referenced in each of the cultures, helping staff understand the neuroscience and psychology - the 'why, what and how' to every lesson plan and activity.

Over a period of seven years, rigorous research and trials have informed the building of this resource. The practical trials in schools, working with headteachers and listening to staff and children, have informed the development of this resource, making sure that the content is easy to use and the resources create change within the classroom. 

The Culture of the Heart is a child led program that incorporates relational, emotional and social learning with academic and creative disciplines, resulting in independent thinking and team work. 

We believe in sharing...

We are constantly learning, adapting and expanding our content. We invest in updating our knowledge with continual learning and courses in neuroscience, somatics, the building of resilience and healing of pain and trauma.

There are too many books, scientists and researchers that we are deeply grateful for. Their work has influenced our content. Here are just a few of the books that we would recommend that have informed the journey of the development of The Culture of the Heart. 

The online platform, includes:

Training and Research 

2 - 5 minute training videos for every session and additional information, including relevant research.

Books, Podcasts and TED Talks

Links to relevant current research, podcasts and TED talks.

Quotes and Posters

Illustrated quotes linked to each culture that can be used in the classroom or to shared on your digital platform.

Join the journey