Term one 


• Increases vocabulary and understanding of characteristics that support relationships and community.

• Increases an understanding of the power of words.

• Supports the development of a positive inner narrative.

• Develops a sense of self worth and an understanding of the value of others.

• Helps children understand what kindness looks like within the context of community and relationships.

• Begins to create a habit of gratitude.

Term two


• Builds an understanding that we are all a part of a community.

• Explores the value of community and an understanding that we all contribute to the communities we are part of.

• Looks at the behaviours that build healthy communities.

• Discusses treating self and others with dignity and respect.

• Considers the people who serve our communities.

• Shares the great opportunities available within local communities.

• Builds a habit of gratitude and looks at the ways we can be grateful for the people who serve our communities.

Term Three


• Builds an understanding that our differences are wonderful and make the world fascinating.

• Supports children in exploring the things that bring them joy and make them wonder.

• Helps children see that diversity is positive and builds healthy and interesting communities.

• Thinks about the behaviours that build the classroom culture the children would like to be a part of.


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