The first academic year is an inclusive program that builds healthy values across your whole school community.


The content has been created to gently but powerfully include every year group, staff and the children's families, so the whole school community benefits.

The first year supports the development and understanding of the types of characteristics that build healthy relationships and begins to develop positive mental habits. The initial content is built around seven themes or CULTURES. (Explore them here) This content builds  incrementally across the year. Each Culture includes child-led lesson plans, activities and tools that support the development of emotional intelligence. (Explore EQ here.) The lessons and activities empower children to engage with some of the values that support thriving classrooms, school communities, friendships, family and wider community life. 

A values centred classroom supports the development of psychological safety. It is from this safe foundation that we explore emotional intelligence. Our resources help the children become more aware of their emotions and help them in developing skills to communicate. Teachers often say that after the use of the resources, playtimes become less about managing behaviour as the children are more able to manage their emotions and get on with one another.


Our vision is to offer staff resources and tools that support the development of relationally safe classrooms. 

How does the content work?

• Explore 
Gentle and thoughtful child-led lesson plans, activities and habit forming interventions that encourage self awareness and empathy.

• Create
Individual activities using creative literacy objectives such as poetry, letter writing, journalling, etc.

• Communicate
Activities that empower the class to reflect, share and listen to one another.

• Collaborate
Class projects to develop unity and that can work to include the whole school community.

• Embed
Activities and resources that encourage families to engage with their children's learning.

Video training and coaching exercises support staff across each Culture, building an understanding of the neuroscience underpinning the work and the relational & psychological implications.

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