Effective and easy to use training, lesson plans and activities that develop SEL and support curriculum objectives.


What is the Culture of the Heart ? 


The Culture of the Heart is a child-led scheme of work that gently and creatively helps children form healthy mental, emotional and relational habits.

It supports mental and emotional wellbeing, impacting the way children think about themselves and the community around them. It incorporates relational, emotional and social learning with academic and creative disciplines, resulting in independent thinking and team work. It is a mix of creative and thoughtful lesson plans and habit forming interventions, made to encourage and enable children to form their own belief systems around what creates healthy relationships and safe communities. 

The content initially invests in the relationships within the class, gently exploring self worth and the value of every class member. The children are introduced to character attributes. This develops their vocabulary and enhances their understanding of how these attributes can support healthy relationships. The process culminates  by exploring shared beliefs and values for the classroom and school and asking the children what type of culture they want to create.

The content is inclusive and easily adaptable for all age groups and abilities. The foundation year offers seven cultures (or themes), exploring a new culture every six weeks.

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What will a school receive? 

A school receives access to an online portal where you will find lesson plans, resources, downloads and staff training. It will also receive physical resources, such as the character cards, emotion cards, picture books and journals.


How does the content work? 

• Explore

Gentle and thoughtful child-led lesson plans, activities and habit forming interventions that encourage self awareness and empathy. 

• Create

Individual activities using creative literacy objectives such as poetry, letter writing, journalling, etc. 

• Communicate

Activities that empower the class to reflect, share and listen to one another.  

• Collaborate

Class projects to develop unity and that can work to include the whole school community.

• Embed

Activities and resources that encourage families to engage with their children's learning.


How many sessions are involved? 

The Culture of the Heart is not a single intervention but is a commitment over time to develop child and staff wellbeing. Each culture contains lesson plans and habit-forming interventions. The lessons have been designed to support the existing  curriculum, easily fitting into current academic planning. 

Across the year, the content introduces practical and creative exercises. These encourage the children to explore their own thoughts and beliefs about the kinds of behaviour which create safe relationships and happy communities. The resource empowers the children to share these thoughts with their peers and work together on a shared response.

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